July 27, 2014


Unscented Soap? What Does It Smell LIke?

 The most frequently asked question I have gotten over the years is regarding that adjective, unscented. I was surprised to realize that people seem to often define soap by its fragrance. Since I do not include fragrances, I struggled to find words when asked to describe the soap I make.

 What I mean by unscented is I don't add any fragrance or essential oils to the soap. I never do.

 Now, that does not mean that my soap is void of scent. Everything smells like something, right? All the soaps, well, they smell like soap, but are unique to one another due to their different inclusions. Some recipes use different liquids like the Beer soap and Rosehip soap. Others include a variety of exfoliants like The Exfoliator, The Grit and Coffee Scrub that leave a trace of scent. Even the clay soaps smell different from one another. They all smell a bit earthy, however, the Australian Pink Clay soap smells different when compared to Alaskan Mineral Mud.

Now, you may be wondering why I only make unscented soap. The simple answer is, I started making soap for myself because I don’t like scented products. They tend to penetrate my nasal cavities and give me an instant crushing headache as if my head’s in a vice.

Before making my own soap, I always bought the most basic, unscented soap I could find, but it still had a perfume I didn’t like. And why did it have a fragrance at all? It was labeled unscented. I also couldn’t pronounce the ingredients list, and that bothered me immensely. What exactly was I putting on my body? 

So, one day, many years ago, a switch flipped. The only solution in my mind was to start making my own soap. How else would I know what was in it unless I literally put it there? After countless hours that added up to years of research and experimentation, I had finally made what I was looking for. A truly unscented soap with simple ingredients that reads more like a grocery list rather than a toxic chemical experiment.