What do you mean your soaps are unscented?  What do they smell like?

I refer to my soaps as unscented because I do not include any additional essential or fragrance oils.  For the most part my soaps smell like soap.  Some of the soaps with fragrant inclusions like coffee or teas may have a faint scent when in use, but they all rinse clean without a trace of scent on your skin. 

Why is there lye in your soaps?  Isn't it a hazardous material?

Well, yes, but hear me out.  All soap is made with lye.  There are no exceptions to this rule.  Lye or sodium hydroxide is most commonly known as a drain cleaner, but also plays a role in the soap making process.  A lye solution and oils are combined and a chemical reaction takes place called saponification.  The lye and the oils undergo a chemical change and form a salt that we commonly know as soap.  Don't worry, a properly made soap does not contain any lye in the finished product.